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"You know what it does to me, you seem to love it. But this comes with it too. There is much you do not know and because of how you react, I do not tell you these things."


"Fine. Then you shall feed from me no longer."

"I did that to myself."

He looks at the ground, before turning his face away fully, most likely to hide it. Because he wasn’t sure, if he could stop himself from showing more emotions.

"Do you know understand why I hide how I feel from you?"


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Don’t say that. You’re trying to drink and play a game, not have an overly affectionate Cajun all up in your lap. You don’t want that. Now, no more sad face! You aren’t alone. Remember, sha, you’re never more than six feet away from a spider. :-)

Well, I’m okay with anything, really. I’d like to take Chris and Sheva on a ride and kill some shit but I’m taking cuddly people too :D

I prefer “You always get touched by 6 six ghost butts at any given moment” because ghost buts don’t scare me.


Yes good. Gimme all your love :D

I would do more replies, but I made myself my second drink and yeah. Not a good plan.

Anons however are always welcome.

Or someone to play RE5 with me…. xD

By the hour | Silas & Godric


No scars. No burns. No fun. But there were plenty of other ways in which Silas might enjoy the young man’s company. Only the least of those ways included sex. If he was paying for something, then he aimed to get his money’s worth. There were ways and means of doing things without leaving a lasting, physical impression.

The fact that the male was young didn’t bother Silas in the least. If anything, it was an enhancement to the occasion. He was a man of particular, if varied, tastes, and the boy was to order, exactly what he’d requested, even if he was apathetic about it. The kid also had an air about him, a confidence which Silas could appreciate although there were times when someone a little less experience and more nervous fit the bill.

"I don’t care about your name, but if you want me to call you something, then go ahead and give it. Real or false, it’s all the same to me." Picking up his lighter from the desk, he tugged a cigarette out of his pocket and lifted it to his lips. "You can call me Mister Cobb or, if you’re so inclined, sir,” he said through a haze of smoke. “Is there anything else you won’t do? I don’t want to find that I’ve wasted my time here.” The money didn’t matter to Silas. He had enough of it that he could afford to lose a few bucks here and there. Time counted, however. 

Godric let a smile show on his face, a genuine one. Sure, the guy seemed icy, but he was determined and very confident. That was always a plus.
"Name’s Godric", he said, leaving it open i it was real or not. 
He kept watching the guy, as a cigarette was being lit, which made Godric himself crave one. But he was too professional to just do.
"You mind me smoking, sir?", he asked, the soft smile still on his face. "Or would you prefer me being… younger than I am?"

For a moment, Godric hesitated as he was asked about other limits. Not that he had a problem with most things, but he didn’t know this John.
"I don’t know you, so I would avoid doing things that require the use of a safeword for me to get out of. Maybe next time."
It wasn’t a no, it was a request. And Godric was the essence of what you call a whore: for the right amount of money and thrill, he would do almost anything.

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Yay I managed to write a few things!


                               A small bar.

                As usually, Stefan was paying attention to the people around him, yet he was lost in his own thoughts at the same time. Things were constantly changing around him, and sometimes he wished he could just switch off his emotions to stop feeling guilt or any kind of pain. But he didn’t, knowing it would crawl to the surface all over again, sooner or later - and the consequences were even harder, every time it happened.

               “Another one.” he said with a slight rough voice as he lifted his hand towards the barkeeper. Where was he anyway? He had driven away, needing some time alone, and the first bar on his way had been this one.


It was always easy to smell, when someone wasn’t human. At least for Godric, which was owed to his age. Many places, many people and many times where his keen sense of smell saved him.

This time however, it wasn’t dangerous. Everyone in this place was human, except for him. The guy at the bar, ordering another drink.
Vampire, for sure. But not his kind. Not that it really mattered.
So instead of taking a human home for some casual sex, Godric joined the man at the bar, sliding into the empty seat next to him.

"Red wine", he said to the bartender, flashing her a soft smile.
It had a nice smell, not that he was going to drink it. But having nothing to drink was always more suspicious.
"I envy you", was then said, his voice low enough so that the others around them couldn’t hear. "Some nights I wish for a glass of alcohol. It seems to be an easy, temporary solution for problems of all sorts."

Home again | Eric & LadyGodric


Her words drew a curious hum from his throat and Eric met Godric’s eyes with an amused smirk.

“Do you, Moder?” he queried. “And what do I want?”

Her lips grazed his neck and a Eric let out a small sigh of pleasure, every brush as she moved upwards sending small tendrils of satisfaction skating along his nerves. It wasn’t until she moved past his jaw, her soft lips just barely teasing at his ear, that he realized what she intended to do.

A sharp inhale through his nose and a fist slamming into the door behind her for balance was all the warning he had before she began speaking, quiet and merciless, into his ear.


A sound – in human, feral – broke free from his lips and Eric’s knees threatened to buckle slightly. Only his hand, shoved against the wall, and his body aligned with Godric’s where he held her captive against the door, kept him upright. The words ripped through his ear and shot, lighting fast, straight to his dick.

Letting out a growl more werewolf than vampire, Eric reached up, fisted her panties in his hand and ripped them off like they were little more than wet paper.

Then he was bending over her, voice rough and wrecked as he hissed into her ear in his own native tongue.

We can’t always get what we want, Godric.

With with that, Eric hooked his hands under her hips and shoved her upwards. One hand pinned her by her stomach flat against the door while the other forced her legs over his shoulders. Then he was upon her, his mouth lunging forward to lap at her centre with studied, powerful strokes.

Godric could feel him shift around her, she could feel Eric tensing up from her words. And that was a good feeling. Knowing that her words alone made this icy viking break his cool so easily.
All it took were a few words, and Eric was tense, his body was almost vibrating with tension he held. And since Godric knew him, she was sure that he was thinking. Probably about what he should do to her.

A surprised sound left her, as Eric just ripped her panties off. Not that she minded much. If she did, Eric wouldn’t have had the change to do it.
And if she was honest, Godric liked it a lot. This side of Eric, that just took. Such a beautiful sight.

Eric’s words made her tense up, a hitched breath leaving her. Oh, now he was playing. But judging by the look on his face, it was a game that Godric would enjoy.

Just a moment later Godric was higher up the wall, her hands bracing against the ceiling. She very much liked where this was going.
And a moment later she knew exactly, what Eric had planned. 

One of her hands moved down and into Eric’s hair, holding onto it.
This wasn’t just any person between her legs that tried. It was Eric who could.
Just a few seconds later and Godric’s grip tightened, holding onto the other’s hair. Soft moan left her, eyes closing as her head fell back against the wall.

Eric was an expert at this, and it didn’t take much longer before Godric started grinding her hips against hip, trying to get more than she was given.
"Eric", came out her lips, her hands pulling at blond hair. "Come on.

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"Thats a terribly human notion you know, that genitalia is for procreation alone," He says with a chuckle, running his fingers through Godrics hair, pushing his hips up a little, impatient for the vampires mouth. He didn’t want a discussion about his cock, he simply wants Godric to get on with it and suck it.

He groans at the feels of Godric teasing the head of his cock with his tongue, slumping himself down further into the bed, letting his eyes slide shut. “You can bite me wherever you wish,” He mumbles to him. “You know that. I’m all yours.”

Godric could make this quick, but he doesn’t want to. He wants to enjoy this, wants to drag it out. Which is why he just teases right now, his tongue running over the head, a soft, cold breath blowing down the hot shaft.

"I know", he replies, lips brushing against Asmodeus’ erections as he talks. "It makes me happy. And you love it."
A smile shows on his face, before he leans down further, placing open mouthed kisses along the shaft. Sucking in a bit of skin, moving on, following the path of veins with the tip of his tongue.
"I am going to tease you. And then I want you to fuck my face like you mean it", he says, staring up at the Angel.


It’s never the same, but it’s always blindingly familiar, Godric riding him hard, teeth sinking into him wherever he likes. He knows his blood only makes Godric want more, only serves to drive him into a lustful frenzy. It was a never ending cycle that he adored.

He’s surprised when Godric suddenly speaks, he had given himself completely to the moment, letting everything become a blur as they moved against each other, taking what they both needed; blood and lust.

"I love-" He starts, but his words are cut out when Godric beautifully bites his throat, vicious teeth slicing through his skin and causing blood to bubble up his throat, the dark red liquid trickling quickly out of his mouth as he kept his hips moving, his own desperation bringing him closer and closer to climax.

Sometimes he feels like it’s his own personal heaven, especially when it is like this. Biting and drinking, his fangs slicing through soft skin and muscle.

Godric had bitten harder than original intended, but that is alright. For a human, this would mean certain death, but with Asmodeus it is only part of their game.
When new sounds come to his ears, Godric feels them all over his body. Gurgling sounds, sounds of death, the sounds he heard so many times before. And it’s wrong, he shouldn’t like it, But he does, he loves it, he gets off on it.

A string of whines leaves him and then he comes, hard. His teeth dig deeper into the Angel’s throat as he does, but he doesn’t stop moving. However, he does reach up to tangle his fingers into Asmodeus’ hair, pushing faster and harder against him. He wants to feel it.

Not who I was looking for | Greg & Godirc


Greg couldn’t help but smile at the question. “I should apologize, I could’ve been more specific. I meant both. I take on a few clients every now and again. I also assist in long range support when they need it.” He answered, rolling up his sleeves to reveal his sleeve of tattoos on is right arm and the dragon wrapped around his left.

"It is not problem. That is why I asked."
Godric let a smile slip onto his lips, looking to the ground for a moment.
"But I understand. Being good at both seems to be a theme around here."
Seeing the tattoos, Godric moved a little closer to inspect them. They looked beautiful. Still, if he had the choice, Godric would never get a tattoo. Too many bad experiences.
"Would you mind me asking you another rather… personal question? Delta tells me, that I am too invasive at times, but I tend to be highly curious."

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Can we talk about the fact that Ducky’s full name is Donald Mallard and that this English guy with bow ties is LITERALLY CALLED DONALD DUCK

it cracks me up every time.

Current Mun situation:

Wants to write, badly wants to get the drafts done, but I just… idk can’t. Hate this.

Inside The Actor’s Studio Edition.

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So the purpose of this meme is to give a little info on your muses without having to rely on others to fill your ask with meme questions. I know how disappointing it can be to come back to an empty ask so I wanted to create a meme that anyone and everyone can do (mun and muse). The rules are simple, you do not need to be tagged to fill out the questions, but once you have you must repost and tag 10 of your followers to spread the love (as well as add a question of your own to the bonus section). You can fill it out as many times as your heart desires (we all know muses can change with their character development.)
seriously please don’t reblog this. last time I did one of these it got 200 notes and made my activity useless. that is all. carry on.

10 questions
[ all questions answered in the main verse ]

01. What is your favourite word?

02. What is your least favourite word?

03. What turns you on?
Mostly blood and violence. Which it should not. But apart from that, beauty,

04. What turns you off?
Sexual play that requires me to pretend belonging to someone.

05. What sound do you love?
Fire, heartbeats and silence

06. What sound do you hate?
Anything that is too loud. Mostly children.

07. What is your favourite curse word?
I usually do not swear, but when I do - mostly during sex - it is fuck. In various languages.

08. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
Gardening. It sounds peaceful.

09. What profession would you not like to do?
Anything that does not require me to think.

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
I am not going to heaven.

Bonus questions

01. Something most people don’t know about you?
I can cook very well.

02. If you were one of the seven sins which would you be?

03. What are some notable merits and flaws?
Merits; Loyal, well spoken, thoughtful
Flaws; Insecure, vulnerable, moody

04. Sexual preference?

05. What position do they sleep in?
Usually curled up on my side. Preferably against another person.

06. Favourite sexual position?
Being taken from behind, Added bonus if they pull on my hair.

07. If they could change one thing about their lives, what would it be?
Too many to name, many of which revolve around killing.

08. Are you prone to good dreams, nightmares or dreamless sleep?
Dreamless sleep. It comes with being a vampire.

09. Do they wear any jewlery? If so, does it mean anything to them?
A woven leather wristband that Eric made me.
Due to the fragile nature of it, every few years I get a new one. Though I keep them all.

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