"I have done no such thing. All those filthy thoughts are your own," He says with a pleased nose, pushing his hips towards Godrics lips eagerly. Nobody turned him on the way the vampire did, and he was more than pleased to see how much he craved him.

Godric lets out a soft chuckle, his eyes opening again so he can look up at Asmodeus.
"Maybe. You like them though."
Then he returns his attention to the stick cock before him, running his nose against it. That was a nice feeling, such soft skin, such beautiful veins.
With a pleased hum he wrapped his hand around the base of it, beginning to place open mouthed kisses along the shaft.
"You smell so good."


olderthanyourjesus replied to your post:
Maybe he moved too fast, but he didn’t care. It didn’t take him a full minute, until he was kneeling on Asmodeus’ bed, staring up the other’s body. “I want it so much, love.”

Asmodeus smirks, looking up at Godric, impressed at how long he took to get here. He takes his hand off his cock, letting it rest on the bed. “Come and get it then, I’m all yours.”

The smirk he sees on his lover’s face makes him smirk in return, slowly crawling closer. Godric’s hand moves up the Angel’s thigh, coming to rest on his stomach.
"Not like you love this", he says, closing his eyes as he nuzzles his face against the stiff erection. "You keep feeding my dirty mind so much."


"Once The Archangel of Peace and Guidance, I have Evolved to, become a different creature e n t i r e l y."

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"Once The Archangel of Peace and Guidance, I have Evolved to, 
become a different creature e n t i r e l y."

             Indie RP Blog for Asmodeus, Archangel and Demon King of Lust

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♆ 8 Years + Roleplaying Experience. This blog is 2+ years old.
Mix of Biblical Canon + OC
 Multiverse, multiship + multifandom
 OC Friendly
 One-liners, paras, inbox, icon and gif roleplaying
 Mun is 21+
 Often NSFW

"This is what I would be doing if you were in my bed right now."

"This is what I would be doing if you were in my bed right now."

[text] I have a proposition for you.



[text] Go ahead.

[text] Are you sure about that?

[text] I will never know until I try.

[text] But with you it is always the same: The sooner you get home, the better.


[text:Godric] What,like an aphrodisiac?

[text:Godric] I thought that was just something vampires made up.

[Text - Damon] No, because of my young body. I can go all night.

[Text - Damon] But yes, Fae blood too. Makes me all tingly.

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[text] I have a proposition for you.



[text] Go ahead.

[text] Of course you can, because I know how much you like being spoiled

[text] Come home then, daddy.

Let’s play a game


Silas shook his head at Godric and turned around to grab a chain that he fashioned into a harness putting it around Godric’s torso in the formation of X. “You know what? I saw you and I saw such great potential. Such a majestic beautiful man should not die in the hands of lesser beings. The world could be yours if you wanted it to” he mused as fingers traced Godric’s torso through his shirt before tearing it off leaving the flesh bare against the silver chains.

"You’re so beautiful. So sweet and kind" he spoke with a soft voice stroking his cheekbones."You wanted to die in there, I saw that much" he spoke as he pressed the silver chain against the vampire’s chest. "And I could have left you, to die. But I’ll let you in on a little secret my sweet" he spoke and pulled the silver chains away from Godric’s chest, tracing the wounds. "There is a whole world out there, just waiting for you. Great cities and art and music. Genuine beauty. Like you" Silas’ fingers traced Godric’s jaw. "And all you have to do , is be loyal to me"

Such a soft voice should never come out of someone as psychotic and dangerous as Silas. Green eyes just browsed the vampire’s face and body , the wounded flesh. “Why must you make me hurt you, Little one?” he spoke and lapped up at Godric’s wounds.

Those words sounded so sweet and kind, like a melody. But they shouldn’t be, considering what Silas was doing to him.
Still, Godric couldn’t get free and didn’t have a choice but to listen to the other’s words, 
The scariest thing about all this wasn’t the dungeon, wasn’t the silver on his skin, wasn’t the prospect of pain. it was the fact, that Godric actually believed Silas. His words made so much sense, they seemed so sincere, that Godric had trouble pushing them away.

Another scream was heard from him, as the silver burned his skin and then was violently ripped away, pieces of skin tearing off his body.
"You sick bastard", Godric spit out, following his words with a growl. "You think just because it is there, it is yours to take?"

No, he didn’t like Silas touching him and moved away from his fingers, but there was nowhere to go. So he had no choice but to feel a touch on his face, watch as the other licked his wounds.

"Why would I do that? They know you took me. You know how powerful I am."
His voice was shaking, because he didn’t know if he wanted for someone to put themselves in this kind of danger. Silas was powerful, after all.
"They will find me."

Again he let out a growl, pulling at the restraints and trying to move closer to Silas. His fangs were visible as he spoke, and he truly didn’t look nearly as innocent as he should.
"They will kill you."
Another growl, and Godric pulled more at the chains, trying to get closer, trying anything to get free. Bite, most likely, because that was his only method of attack at the moment.
"I will never be loyal to you."


The sudden change in temperature brought a bright flush to his cheeks, pink and stinging as his body fought to keep up. Reaching up, Eric tugged loose the scarf that hid his neck from the biting cold wind that puffed by in great gusts from the Thames. 

His dark gloves and large coat followed, baring a thinly covered chest that soaked in the heat from the bar with a giddy sort of satisfaction.

Crossing the moderately full bar in three strides, Eric shot a grin at the bartender and was rewarded with an appreciative look and a gesture for ‘just a moment’. Setting his coat aside, Eric scanned the bar for any familiar faces - perhaps any beautiful faces - just someone to pass the time until he needed to get back to work.

Most of the patrons of the small bar were absorbed in conversation with one another, heads ducked down and speaking close to each other’s faces in order to be heard over the ambient music being pumped from a few speakers around the building.

A figure immediately caught his attention, a small, dark-haired young man seated by himself at the bar. Eric looked at the side of the face presented to him, suddenly captivated by a feeling - small and insistent at the back of his mind - that indicated that he knew him in some way.

Brow furrowed, Eric continued to study him, mind whirring out possibilities and scenarios wherein they may have met or seen one ano-

The realization slammed into him with such astounding, sudden clarity that his breath left him.

The air was filled with the sound of soft, genuine moans from the speakers of his laptop and the wet, slick sound of flesh sliding on flesh. The room around him was dark and warm, a private oasis in his apartment where he could indulge this need, let him self sink into with wild aban-

Eric flushed, his lips parting unconsciously as his eyes - pupils blown wide and dark - raked over the angles and planes of the boy’s face.

He was gasping every few strokes, his fist squeezing the head and swiping a thumb across the sensitive underside of his cock as he pushed his hips up into his grip and stared at the flickering screen. On it, a beautiful specimen of the human form stroked himself in time, fingers spearing himself as he rocked first back onto them into his fist. Eric let out a small groan and paused his movement, wanting to draw this moment out -

The bar was suddenly stifling, a buzzing filling his ears as he sucked in the thick, oxygenless air silently through his nose in short bursts.

On screen his god - his Adonis - his David - the work of art come to life, breathed a sighing moan and pushed upwards, stripping his fist over himself with steady, practised movements. Eric matched him, pushing upwards and working himself in tandem until - with a hitched inhale - he -

He was staring.

He should really look away but his face burned and his trousers pressed hard against his member and all Eric could think of was the scant few hours ago when he’d been furiously pleasuring himself to the sight of this divine creature sitting not ten feet away from him.

Not ten feet…

Eric’s eyes raked over his body, sitting calm and ordinary in clothing at the bar, and everywhere he looked he saw what rested just beneath the surface.

His gaze was electric, sharp and hungry and feral as he licked his lips let free the part of his mind that ached to run rampant with possibilities now that his Godric was within reach.

For a few minutes, Godric just kept his eyes on his glass, drinking and enjoying the burning it brought. Also the warmth, as it was quite cold this time a year. Not that he minded really much.

Though, somehow he looked up again, letting his eyes drift over the bar. As always, the bartender shot him flirty glances. Not that Godric minded at all. But then his eyes went back to the blond man he noticed before. Such a beautiful face. And those eyes, staring right at him. Ah… staring.

Godric smiled and looked down, because, yes. He knew. And by the looks of it, he didn’t just know, he liked. Flattering, really.
Should he or shouldn’t he?
Usually he didn’t move in on guys, especially those who stared at him like that, but something about the other’s face and whole posture made him wonder. Very tall, very strong he seemed. Something that Godric very much liked.

So, instead of staying where he was, Godric took his drink - his coat was sitting behind the bar as always - and slid over.
Maybe it was bold, but he just couldn’t help himself. Have an adventure, talk to someone that obviously caught his eye.
"I couldn’t help but notice you", he said, once he was sitting closer to the man, just a stool of room between them. No, he wasn’t that bold, to sit right next to him.
"You’re doing an awful lot of staring."

Not that he minded, which his smile showed. No, he really didn’t mind at all. 
People watching him was exciting, having sex in front of people was exhilarating. Knowing that other people got off on him getting off? That was his drug. 

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Just dropping in to say that I love you and Ginny. You make me so happy when I see you on the Dash, because reasons of quality and perfection. Thank you <3


For this compliment, I would like to thank my mother for having me and my slight passion for writing and doing justice for this little shit that is Ginny Weasley. Thank you so very much for randomly dropping by. It has warmed my heart and soul. Can we talk about your perfection quality though? Season 2 Trueblood was one of my favorites, and I instantly fell in love with Godric, which he was totally just a different character in the books, but that’s neither here nor there in this post I dedicate with love towards you. I think for the longest time, I just went back and watched the episodes he was in.  Y O U !You play him perfectly, especially his diction and dialogue which is one of my favorite things to see in characterization portrayal. I’m sure it’s not easy putting two thousand years of diction in a muse, and you do it just perfectly and lovely. You’re amazing, and I love that we’re mutuals with one another and writing now!

♚ The price of kindness


( ♚ ) Klaus groaned and hissed a little as the vampire dug his teeth into his flesh. He could feel Godric draining him , he wouldn’t stop him, his blood would soon hurt him enough to get him to release his arm. And right on queue Godric let go of his hand and started transforming. The cold breeze of 3 am made the leafs shake on the surrounding trees but it was quiet other than Godric. It would all be over soon.

"Relax. Take a deep breath" Klaus spoke watching Godric’s now amber eyes. "Sit down and get used to your new senses, you’re a Hybrid now. You will be able to pick up scents from far away, hear far away whispers as if they were spoken next to you , then there is the sun" He stroked Godric’s head lightly, like any proud ‘father’ would."You were abducted. Tortured for your leniency as a Sheriff by fanatics and I didn’t ask the rest of the details. They’re dead now so none of it matters. You’re my child now, figuratively. One of us. One of the pack.And I will make you my second in command, you were an old vampire, nobility is a rare trait now a days”

Klaus was actually there and now spoke to him. All of that allowed Godric to make sense of this, of why he was so much more alert, of why his sense of smell had intensified so much.
"A hybrid?"
Still, even though it made sense, it was still a little odd. Was he really both now? Vampire and Werewolf? How curious.

When Klaus stroked his head, Godric leaned into his touch, because it just felt so good. It felt nice, and Godric could feel that Klaus was right about turning him. He wouldn’t feel like this about a simple touch if it wasn’t true.
"I see", he replied slowly, raising his head to look up at the other. "Thank you."

Sure, he would have to get used to this, but it was better than being dead.
"It is odd… how I always wanted to know what it felt like to be a wolf in a pack. It looked so comforting when I saw it… and now I can have that. Such silly dreams but sometimes they do come true."
Still he was sitting, because he didn’t trust himself to stand up just now. Because he felt different, felt stronger somehow. He didn’t want to underestimate anything.


When Godric walks into Fangtasia, she has a mission. Which is evident by how she looks, at least to the knowing eye.
It’s a short, black dress tonight, with matching high heels that usually would make delicious sounds on this floor, were it not for the fact that the bar was once again crowded.

She doesn’t care though, quite the opposite. She likes picking nights like these. The audience is always so thankful, she knows. And Eric is usually quite pleased by this.

Pam flirts with her again, and it’s cute. Maybe she’ll do her after, make sure Eric hears it. So she can feel herself being pushed down on the bed later tonight, being told what a dirty little girl she is. Sounds like a plan.

But for now, Godric is in charge. As always, she moves like she owns the place - which she kind of does - heading for Eric on his throne.
When she gets there, she is quick to just climb in his lap, her knees resting comfortably on the throne next to Eric’s legs.

"Hello, child", she says, leaning in to kiss him softly.
"I think you know, why I am here."

Okay good, I got nothing done but still. At least I tried, right?

Okay good, I got nothing done but still. At least I tried, right?

I’m sorry that I haven’t been here so much / haven’t been replying to you all as much as I should and you deserve

I just don’t feel too good lately. Not good about myself, about my current situation in life and all that good stuff.
So, please be easy on me, don’t hate me and just… yeah.


*makes attempt to actually do drafts*

*makes attempt to actually do drafts*