Not who I was looking for | Greg & Godirc


"We like to multi-task, its a gift." He chuckles, smiling at the small gesture of embarrassment from the vampire.
Noticing his interest, Greg rolls his sleeves a little higher, letting Godric see more.
A subtle eyebrow raise was his response, but didn’t see the harm in it. “I don’t see why not. There’s nothing wrong with being curious, ask away.”

Godric kept his eyes on the tattoo, very intrigued by it. But when Greg answered, that it was okay to question further, his eyes shifted to his face.
"Is your clientele only females?"
There was not really a reason for him to ask, just simple curiosity. He liked to know things about people he met, liked to be able to place them.
"But I must say, that question sounded much more innocent in my head."

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People were coming and leaving, more or less he didn’t even notice their presence anymore. Which was more than good, since it meant he was distracted enough not wanting to kill, and having control of the urges inside of him, that always made him want to kill, just kill, and get that sweet and warm blood that was so different from bloodbags.

A surprised glance to the side, as a male was speaking to him - too quiet for the humans to notice - and Stefan placed the glass down on the bar in front of him. “Very..temporarily, and usually not the right way.” he replied with a similar calm and quiet voice. “..For me it is..rather the only way to stop myself from things I would regret later on.”

Slowly, it hit him. Curiousity was slowly appearing in his green eyes. “May I ask….you can’t drink it?” he had heard of various races, of different kind of vampires, something he had never understood, since the ones he had met before had always turned out to be enemies - and he couldn’t actually deal with them and ask.


Godric raised the red wine to his lips, smelling it with his eyes closed. Such a nice smell, so rich and sweet. Most nights when he sat with a glass of it, he wished to taste it. But he couldn’t. That was the price he had to pay.

Slowly Godric nodded, because he understood quite well, what the other meant. Setting down the glass, he turned to look at the other, his eyes taking in the full frame before settling on the other’s face.
"I understand very well", he said, letting out an almost silent sight. "However, I found that sex works as well."
It was a comment meant in light-hearted way, not necessarily a flirtation. The smirk in his eyes was evidence of that.

To the question, Godric shook his head, a slight smile showing.
"No, unfortunately I am not one of your type, or however me might categorize it." Another pause, another smile. "But have had trouble in the past with asking question. Most seem threatened by the very idea of there being multiple types. However… if I judge your asking and the look of curiosity on your face, you might be different."


Whatever he was prepared to hear from Godric’s mouth, acquiescence was the last on a long list of increasingly impossible things. Snapping his head up, he stared at Godric’s face from the side in a strange mixture of relief and bafflement.

“Truly, Godric?” He lit up. “What type? Any blood type you want – more than one, if you desire, anything.”

The prodigal son trying to please his father, Eric rose to his feet and was across the room in a flash, punching a series of numbers into his home phone and lifting it to his ear. He rattled off a list of every blood type available and asked for the humans to be sent over clean and sober as soon as they became available.

Returning to his seat, he tilted back until he was in precisely the position he’d occupied before, something like pleasure humming through his veins until it was promptly wiped out by talk of Asmodeus. Again.

“No, you did not, and with good reason. I’m not interested,” Eric said petulantly. His arms crossed and he stared at the back of his eyelids in lieu of at Godric. 

Godric didn’t say anything when Eric got up and ordered feeders. Too many, but he would have his choice. Which was always nice. And he would feed, because he hated the look on Eric’s face, and he hated the look on Asmodeus’ face. They both cared for him, they both loved him. But they showed it in very different ways. Sometimes however, they very eerily similar.

When Eric sat back down, Godric waited until he was fully seated, before he turned to face his child. Now his shoulder was resting against the back of the couch, his legs crossed in front of him.
"When I was still human, Asmodeus and… Marcus knew each other."
There was a pause before his makers name, evidence how how little Godric wanted to talk about him.
"I spent some time with Asmodeus, he bought me now and then for a night. And he was the first person to treat me with respect. To show me, that people could be nice. That sex could be nice."

Now he was smiling, looking down at his feet. Part of this memory was pleasant, but some clearly wasn’t.
"He left Rome about the time I was turned. Then I did not see him again for… a good five hundred years. But the memory was there, the good feeling he gave me. The fact that he adored me and still does."

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Wiped clean | Eric&Godric


It was raining like mad outside, Godric’s clothes soaked with water. He was dripping on the stone floor, as he stepped up to the front door, his eyes taking in the delicate wood structure.
If he only could remember… why was he here? There was one thing in his mind, that made it very clear. Eric. A name, a face, a feeling. Nothing else. Not even a name for himself, he just didn’t know.

As he raised his hand to knock, he realized that it wasn’t only rain that made his clothes wet. Blood. Dark red, staining his shirt, pants, shoes. Was it is own? It could be, he recognized that he was a vampire, that he would heal, that wounds closed up and left no trace. 
He hesitated, but then he did knock, because he didn’t know what else to do. where else to go. It felt like, this was the only place safe, the only place warm. Home. Yes… this was home.

Here, Kitty Kitty | Asmodeus & Godric


"Well I was aware of that thank you, I know how shops work," Asmodeus says with a smirk, straightening up his suit before crouching and turning all his attention on Godric. Money was of no object. He didn’t care how much he charged, it wasn’t as if it would make a dent in things.

Asmodeus didn’t care how Godric was used to being treated, just because he was a different species, a pet, that didn’t mean that he didn’t deserve respect. He reaches forwards, scratching him gently behind the ear, a smile on his face. “You’re quite beautiful,” He tells him. “I have a big country house. Acres of gardens and land for you to explore. You can have your own wing in the house if you wish. I live there alone.”

Godric watches as the man crouches down before him again, his face really soft.
It was a new thing for Godric, to see someone be so gentle, to have someone that wasn’t a huge asshole. And someone that actually cared.

When the other scratched behind his ears, Godric lowered his head, his eyes closing as a quiet purring sound left him. This was nice.
"Thank you", Godric replies, looking up again. Yes, he has been told many time, that he was beautiful. But it seemed to be sincere when Asmodeus said it.
"Oh… oh, I like gardens. And I like climbing trees."
Now there was a smile on his face, and Godric moved even closer, rubbing his head against the extended hand. “You must be quite lonely”, he mused, his green eyes staring up. “I know what that feels like. And I’d like to come with you, if you’d have me.”

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Ageplay || Asmodric


Asmodeus was the most nervous he had been in a long time. It made him happy though, knowing that even after all this time, they still had firsts with each other. There was always going to be new experiences between them. But of course, he felt nervous about it. It wasn’t as if Godric was just a random lover. He was Godric. The love of his life. His soulmate. He didn’t want to fuck anything up.

Asmodeus spends the afternoon buying things, before turning up at Godrics apartment in the evening, a massive bag in hand, and a hopeful smile on his face for his lover, knocking loudly, hoping he’s already awake. 

Godric wakes when the sun sets, already excited. And maybe a little more nervous than he had to be. There is no telling, what would happen and how he would react to it. But he trusts Asmodeus, he wants to try it and wants to make his lover happy.

With a smile on his face, he puts on clothes, nothing he would usually wear, as all of these things are rather tight and could be considered sexual. Especially to Asmodeus.
So when his love knocks, Godric is ready and pulling the door open, a happy smile on his face.
"You’re home!", he exclaims, moving in to hug the other. 
Oh, he is really happy to see him, he is also trying to shake off any doubts he has. And very much trying to relax, to get into his role. As well as he can.
"Oh… oh. So many bags. Did you bring me presents? I love getting presents!"


Asmodeus is fully aware how much Godric is being a tease, and how much he’s enjoying himself. Asmodeus lets out a moan thats both pleased and annoyed at the same time. He doesn’t know how Godric still manages to make him feel like this.

"How long is the teasing going to last," He groans, gripping his hair a little bit, eyes completely focused on Godric’s lips, on where he kisses him, how it feels, how he looks. "I hope you know it’s going to be brutal. I’m going to punish you for teasing me so cruelly."

Godric lets a grin spread on his face, he can’t really help it. Not when he can see, how frustrated the other already was. This was really good.
His lips closed around the head, sucking on it lightly, letting his tongue run over the slit, before he pulled back.

"As long as I see fit", he says slowly, one of his hands now trailing down his own body, giving his own erection a light squeeze. Hm yes, this was going just like he had wanted it to.
"Oh… oh yes, please do."
His voice was a growl now, his hand sliding past the waistband of his pants and closing around his shaft. Then he leaned down, sucking all of Asmodeus down at once, letting out a soft moan as he started to stroke himself.

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Things! Stuff! Writing!


[Text:Godric] Tingly huh? Like the really good tingly?

[text:Godric] The kind between your legs?

[Text: Damon] The best kind of tingly.

[Text: Damon] Depends. If you came here and took your shirt off - definitely.

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[sms: Godric]; I’m a fierce warrior, not a kitten cuddler.
[sms: Godric]; What’s wrong with Bullet? I think it’s a nice name.
[sms: Godric]; On my way home. Need me to pick up anything while I’m out?

[text - Dean] You can be both, love.
[text - Dean] It seems more fitting for a dog.
[text - Dean] Nothing I can think of, really.